Beaded Door Curtains: Hot or Not?


The stereotype of beaded door curtains as a dated désign relic that should never have re-emerged from the orange velour swamp of the 1970’s couldn’t be further from the truth. With bamboo making a comeback as the “eco-exotic” wood product of the new millenium, beaded door curtains have come roaring back into style. New printing techniques have made it possible for door curtains to come in a wide range of fashionable styles and funky designs, featuring pops of vibrant neon colour, inviting pastels, warm earth tones and soothing neutrals.

uses post it squidoo


Today’s beaded door curtains are just as likely to feature a serenely meditating Buddha as they are a Dr Who-inspired police box, a laid-back beach scene or a tribal geometric print. High quality craftmanship and hip, funky designs are key features of modern beaded door curtains. Pop culture references, cheeky retro iconography and monochromatic graphic prints all feature in the new ranges, with a wide and varied range of choices available to suit all tastes and decor.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 11.44.05 AM


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