Top 5 Beaded Door Curtains for Eclectic Interiors

Quirky, unpredictable and fun

Eclectic homes aren’t just a series of rooms filled with random, mismatched possessions. Rather, these are homes that tend to mirror the personality of their occupants; fun, full of adventure and charisma.

Eclectic decorating makes for highly individual interiors, with rooms that take their influence from any number of styles, periods and colours. Idiosyncratic, playful and quirky, the electic interior is characterised by unusual choices in homewares and furnishings, made cohesive via a unified colour palette. Funky and adventurous, this charming style is brimming with fun and warmth.

If you are are looking for something oozing with character to suit  your eclectic home, look no further than these five quirky designs, all available to buy online from New Age Markets.

1. Flamingo

This jaunty flamingo curtain will add pops of neon pink and retro charm to any room.


2. Red Hibiscus

With its cute floral motif, the hibiscus door curtain evokes tropical getaways, cocktails and romance.


3. Police Box

Eclectic interiors often make cheeky pop culture references.


4. Green Butterflies

Whimsical, colourful and fun, this cute butterfly beaded curtain is perfect for eclectic interiors.

green butterflies

5. Paisley

Eclectic interiors don’t have to be colourful and in-your-face, they can also have an understated elegance.


All of these beaded door curtains are available to buy online from New Age Markets.


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