Top 5 Beaded Door Curtains for Coastal and Beach Interiors

Laid-back looks inspired by sun, surf and sand

Homes that have a beach influence take their styling and design cues from the natural environment of coastal areas, and tend to be very casual and informal interiors. Light neutrals, pastel shades of blues, washed out yellows and beige, lots of texture, artwork featuring beach scenes and the introduction of natural elements like shells, rocks and driftwood.

Do you live near the coast? Or just wish you did? Here are five of the best beaded door curtains to evoke that beachy-feel, all available to buy online from New Age Markets.

1. Starfish

Surf, sand, sky and palm trees. What more do you need?


2. At the Beach

Vibrant, colourful, fun-filled imagery reminiscent of beach-side living.


3. Boards

Perfectly captures the laid-back vibe and colour palette of beach-themed homes.


4. Blue Multi Frangipani

This gorgeous spray of frangipani flowers works perfectly with coastal and tropical themes.


5. Surfer Camper

Nothing says the beach more than a vintage Kombi van parked on the sand with a couple of surboards.

surfer camper

All of these great beach-themed beaded door curtains and more are available to buy online from New Age Markets.


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