What is YOUR Interior style?

How to select the right beaded door curtains for popular interior design styles.

Every home has it’s own unique style. It’s a reflection of your personality, your passions and your interests, and a good interior is filled with colours, light and objects that make you feel happy, comfortable and secure. Below is a quick at-a-glance guide to some of the most popular interior design styles and a selection of door curtains to match. It might just inspire a mini-makeover of your home, and beaded door curtains are a quick, simple and cost-effective way to add some flair to your interior.

Quirky, unpredictable and fun

Eclectic decorating makes for highly individual interiors, with rooms that take their influence from any number of styles, periods and colours. Idiosyncratic, playful and quirky, the electic interior is characterised by unusual choices in homewares and furnishings, made cohesive via a unified colour palette. Funky and adventurous, this charming style is brimming with fun and warmth.


From left: Police Box, Sunset Surf, Flamingo and Red Hibiscus (available to buy online from New Age Markets).

Laid-back looks inspired by sun, surf and sand

Homes that have a beach influence take their styling and design cues from the natural environment of coastal areas, and tend to be very casual and informal interiors. Light neutrals, pastel shades of blues, washed out yellows and beige, lots of texture, artwork featuring beach scenes and the introduction of natural elements like shells, rocks and driftwood.


From left:  Boards, Blue Palms, Surfer Camper and Starfish (available to buy online from New Age Markets).

Oriental style for peace, balance and serenity

Asian-themed interiors reflect the cultural symbols and influences of countries as diverse as Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and China, and are characterised by their simple, uncluttered appearance. The use of space is central to Asian-inspired interiors, and beaded door curtains have great value in this style when used as partitions or room dividers.


From left:  Yin and Yang, Buddha Face, Om Spirituality and Mountain Buddha (available to buy online from New Age Markets).

Old styles made new again

Retro and vintage styles loosely cover a period of time from the 1940s/50s through to the end of the 1970s. Such a broad mix of styles falls under the umbrella term “retro” from elegant mid century styles, through to the bright pops of colour from 60s mod influences and the “plastic fantastic” era of the 1970s. The beauty of modern interpretations of retro/vintage style means that anything goes – you can pick and choose from any era.


From left:  Retro Circles, Green Kombi, Island Sunset and Longboard (available to buy online from New Age Markets).

Time-worn elegance on a budget

Shabby Chic is a casual style combining second-hand furniture (or anything with a worn patina), eclectic keepsakes, “feminine” décor, soft pastels and pretty furnishings. It is warm, welcoming and charming. Whilst a love of all things “old” and pre-loved are a key feature of this interior look, there is nothing shabby about this relaxed and romantic style; the trick is to combine recycled or “up-cycled” pieces with new furnishings like door curtains.


From left:  Paisley, Green Butterflies, White Butterflies and Blue Multi Frangipani (available to buy online from New Age Markets).

Tribal influences in urban spaces

Modern Tribal is a design influence that sees tribal prints and artefacts introduced as dynamic highlights in sleek modern interiors. Tribal prints and their geometric patterns can add texture and warmth to spaces, creating a mix of elements that are both modern and traditional. Tribal masks, geometric rugs, wicker baskets, stone sculptures and feather headpieces are some of the that can be found in this style. Beaded door curtains can work beautifully in these spaces, as natural bamboo beads or with patterns or prints.


From left:  Aztec and Plain Natural (available to buy online from New Age Markets).


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