Best of Retro: Our Top 5 Picks

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 7.22.07 PM

Old styles made new again

Retro and vintage styles loosely cover a period of time from the 1940s/50s through to the end of the 1970s. This broad mix of styles falls under the umbrella term “retro”; from elegant mid century styles and the kitschy 50’s, through to the bright pops of colour from 60s mod influences and the “plastic fantastic” era of the 1970s. The beauty of modern interpretations of retro/vintage style means that anything goes – you can pick and choose from any era.


Retro Circles – Reminiscent of 60’s Pop Art, this door curtain pops with vibrant colour and dynamic retro pattern.


Island Sunset – A modern update of 70’s burnt orange tones and vintage beach iconography.


Flamingo – It’s kitsch, it’s cool and it’s a delightful nod to the flamingo garden statues popular in the 1940’s and 50’s.


Green Kombi – One of the most iconic and recognisable 1970’s automobiles, the Kombi still holds nostalgic appeal today.

scooter copy

Scooter – The Vespa scooter was the transport of choice for the style-conscious Mod subculture of 1960’s England, and is still popular with urban hipsters of the new millennium.


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